Captain Sonar

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 The year is 2048. A new economic war has erupted. Rare earth has  become a key element for building new machines, leading private  companies to arm next-gen submarine prototypes to protect their  underwater mines. Beneath the quiet waves, a silent war is taking place,  and these new, unstable submarines are your weapon. Prepare to dive in  Captain sonar, a game of dueling submarines for two to eight players!  Captain sonar is an innovative real-time game that challenges two teams  to take their submarines head-to-head in a thrilling battle. Your  ultimate goal is to find and destroy your opponent's submarine, but this  task is far more difficult that it may first appear. Your entire crew  must work together to chart a course, charge systems, locate the enemy,  and keep your own submarine fully operational. Communication and  teamwork can lead you to victory, but if you fail to cooperate, you'll  be sunk to the bottom of the ocean!. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review