Cosmic Encounter C Odyssey

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 You’ve conquered the stars in Cosmic Encounter®. You’ve weathered  storms, defended against incursions, forged alliances, engaged in  countless conflicts, and established dominion for eons. Or perhaps  you’ve done none of those things, and Cosmic Encounter has only recently  entered your life. Either way, there is still the ever-burning  question: what comes next? Well, dear friends, this comes next. And it’s  going to be epic. Cosmic Odyssey is a massive expansion bigger than  anything Cosmic that came before it (aside from the base game, of  course), and it packs enough wallop to enhance your wild and wonderful  space shenanigans for countless games to come. Even if you don’t own any  of the previous expansions, Cosmic Odyssey brings loads of aliens,  variants, and a brand-new campaign mode to the table. It has more of  everything Cosmic Encounter has to offer, and lots of things that have  never been seen in the game before. It’s a never-ending odyssey, and one  that no Cosmic fan will want to miss! 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review