Freight Cars

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 Freight Cars is set in the not-so-distant future where  corporations have superseded governments for global control. With the  dawn of improved mag-lev technology, competition on the high speed  railways of America is fierce. Players take the helm of a grand shipping  company delivering produce to the north, lumber to the south, and oil  and coal coast to coast. Earn the most credits by efficiently shipping  trainloads of goods, satisfying the demands of America’s cities, and  taking advantage of your Corporation’s speciality. You'll make  deliveries using Tetris™-style pieces in a quick, simple, fun game.  Designed by Ben Parmentier, Graphics by Calder Moore Plays 2 to 4  players, 30 minutes, ages 8 and up At Quick Simple Fun Games, we strive  to create entertaining, memorable games for board gamers of all skill  levels and ages. We invest our time into creating and licensing quality  titles that we believe will delight current enthusiasts of the hobby,  while attracting new ones to the community. Above all else, we are board  gamers first, so being able to play games while working makes this a  great job! Categories: Delivery Game, Polyominoes, Puzzle Game, Train  Game 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review