Games Workshop - Warhammer - Age of Sigmar - Lumineth Realm-Lords: Vanari Auralan Wardens

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Product Overview

 The Auralan Wardens fight in close formation, using long pikes  that they set to receive the charge of the foe. The Wardens guide their  sunmetal tips into the enemy’s chests at the last moment; those pierced  by them are slain in a heartbeat. Auralan Wardens are the front line of  any Lumineth Realm-lords force, forming a nigh-impenetrable wall of  pikes that's ideal for repelling enemy charges and dominating the  objectives. Capable of making themselves even deadlier with magical  spells, they're essential in nearly any force. This kit builds 10  Auralan Wardens in a variety of interchangeable and customisable  designs. With various weapons, shields, helms and accessories, you'll be  able to ensure that your pike block looks distinct. This kit also  contains option to build one Auralan Warden as a High Warden. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review