Infinite Crisis Omnibus (2020 Edition)

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Heroes will live, heroes will die, and the DC Universe will never be the same again in this omnibus collection of the 2005 event that changed history!

OMAC robots are rampaging, magic is dying, villains are uniting, and a war is raging in space. And in the middle of it all, a critical moment has divided Earth's three greatest heroes: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. It's the DC Universe's darkest day, and long-lost heroes from the past have returned to make things right in the universe... at any cost. Heroes will live, heroes will die, and the DCU will never be the same again!

This omnibus collects 
Action Comics #826, #829, Adventures of Superman #639, #642, Countdown to Infinite CrisisDay of Vengeance #1-6, Day of Vengeance Infinite Crisis SpecialJLA #115-119, Infinite Crisis #1-6, Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006The OMAC Project #1-6, The OMAC Project Infinite Crisis SpecialRann-Thanagar War #1-6, The Rann-Thanagar Infinite Crisis SpecialSuperman #216, #219, Villains United #1-6, Villains United Infinite Crisis Special and Wonder Woman #219.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review