Kerra Prime Presents ft. Apex - Epikos Exclusive EB303

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W: Brian Silverbax

Artist: Rom Silva

Colorist: Edgar Tavitas

Kerra Prime Presents is a high octane, creator owned, gluten free on going comic book series that focuses on telling fun stories inside of a fully connected universe. Each story will be crafted with unique creative team and focus on at least one character inside the world of Kerra Prime that we have already met. These stories will expand the world that you already know as Kerra Prime and will also introduce you to new characters.

Issue 1 features APEX, a video-game loving child, who is the victim of invasive experimentation. Written by Bryan Silverbax, with art by Rom Silva, colors by Edgar Tavitas, and letters by Jerome Gagnon, it is sure to entertain! The A cover was drawn by Geoffrey Gwin and colored by Damir Rosic, and the B cover was done by Bryan SilverbaX.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review