Magic Market

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Product Overview

 Today is Magic Market day! Do you want to earn lots of Dragos? Go  get your magic stuff down from the attic and sell it at this fairy tale  market! Watch the visitors closely. What do they really want to buy?  Find the visitor you can make the biggest sale to and don’t let them go  home empty-handed! Showcase your valuable objects, visit the other  sellers’ tables, be smart when you negotiate prices. and keep an eye on  closing time! The Magic Market is finally here! Get your magical items  from out of the attic so you can sell them at the fairytale market! Pay  close attention to your customers. what are they looking for? Don’t let  anyone leave empty-handed. Especially not those willing to spend a lot  of Dragos! Showcase your valuable objects, visit the other sellers’  tables, negotiate to get the best prices. But keep an eye on the clock!  When the clock hits five and the market closes, the player with the most  Dragos wins the game! 


  • Introducing budget management and negotiation  
  • A collection mechanic twist to add up some challenge  
  • Immersive gameplay, children will enter the magical world in a couple of minutes  
  • Number of players: 2 to 4  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review