Marvel Champions Doctor Strange Hero Pack

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  • THIS IS AN EXPANSION FOR THE MARVEL  CHAMPIONS LIVING CARD GAME: This is not a standalone product. You will  need the Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core set in order to play with  this expansion.  
  • TEAM UP TO  TAKE DOWN MARVEL’S FIERCEST VILLAINS: Marvel Champions: The Card Game  is a cooperative card game where players work together to stop some of  Marvel’s most iconic villains. Pick your favorite Marvel hero and head  into battle!  
  • WORK TOGETHER  LIKE TRUE MARVEL HEROES: Each villain that players battle offers a  unique set of challenges, attacks and events. To succeed, players will  need to balance their hero’s strengths and weakness with those of the  heroes their friends are playing as. Teamwork will be essential to save  the world!  
  • DOCTOR STRANGE:  This 60-card hero pack calls upon forces beyond our understanding. As  the defender of our dimension, Doctor Strange comes with a fully  pre-built Protection deck and his own unique invocations to ensure your  team of heroes can defend against any attack, from this mortal realm or  beyond!  
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS  AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: Marvel Champions The Card Game is a cooperative  card game for 1 to 4 players and is suitable for ages 14 and older. The  game takes about 45 to 90 minutes to play.  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review