Star Wars Legion: Echo Base Defenders Battle Force Starter Set

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Product Overview

 Your players can begin building their Rebel armies making their  stand against the Empire with this pack for Star Wars: Legion! The  Rebels at Echo Base used their ingenuity and courage to make a stand  against an overwhelming Imperial force and this pack captures their  rebel spirit with units that form the cornerstone of players’ armies.  Featuring four units of Rebel Veterans, two units of Tauntaun Riders,  and a 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team all led by Rebel hero Leia Organa  accompanied by Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO, this pack gives players a  stout force to hold off any opponent. Players will also find the Command  Cards for Leia Organa, R2-D2, and Chewbacca alongside copies of the  four generic Command Cards and three new Command Cards designed for the  exclusive use of the Echo Base Defenders Battle Force. Finally, 33  reprinted upgrade cards invite players to fully outfit their Rebel force  to fit their strategy. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review