Star Wars X-Wing: Fury of the First Order Squadron Pack

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Product Overview

 "The First Order’s starfighter engineers continue to develop new  technologies for use by their ace pilots. The TIE/se Bomber bristles  with a heavy payload of ordnance, while the TIE/wi Whisper Modified  Interceptor is a deadly craft worthy of the Supreme Leader himself.  Armed with its stealth capabilities, advanced maneuverability, and heavy  weapon turret, Kylo Ren leads his fanatical 709th Legion as they  mercilessly hunt pockets of resistance across the galaxy. This Squadron  Pack adds one TIE/wi Whisper Modified Interceptor and two TIE/se Bombers  to players First Order fleets, giving them even more options for  building their squadrons. These miniatures are accompanied by 32 upgrade  cards that give players the freedom to outfit their ships to their  precise specifications. Alternatively, players can use the pre-built  combinations of ships and upgrades on four Quick Build cards to get  their ships into the fight right away." 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review